THE most efficient HVAC solution.

7AC’s single step, liquid desiccant technology offers the efficiency improvements needed if we are going to manage the increased greenhouse gas emissions expected from the rapid growth of air conditioning across the globe.


Using proprietary membrane modules, 7AC is the first company to develop a way to use liquid desiccants in a self contained system, a three way path of air, water and salt to cool and dehumidify outside air in a single step. This allows 7AC to use a “single step” cooling and dehumidifying process, avoiding the over cooling of vapor compression, the heating required by solid desiccants and the corrosion challenges of traditional liquid desiccant approaches.

We can manage outside air with extreme efficiency.

Traditional vapor compression systems need to overcool outside air to remove humidity, creating immense inefficiencies. 7AC uses a single step, liquid desiccant approach that eliminates the need to overcool outside air to remove humidity.

We have developed the best system to utilize desiccants.

Desiccants are materials (usually salt) that efficiently remove moisture from air, eliminating the need for overcooling used in current systems. However, incorporating liquid desiccants into air conditioning systems for maximum efficiency, without corrosion problems, has proven to be a challenge. Backed by sixty global pending patents, 7AC has solved this by developing a module system with a three way path of air, water and salt to dehumidify and cool outside air in a single step. These modules can easily be incorporated into OEM equipment packages.

7AC will be the best solution to phase out HFCs

As HFCs are passed out and replaced by less efficient refrigerants, the efficiency gains created by the 7AC system will be even more important. With efficiency gains of forty to eighty percent and at a price point similar to today’s technology, OEMs will be compelled to incorporate 7AC into their systems based on the energy savings alone.



By controlling humidity, 7AC can make buildings more comfortable for occupants. 7AC also allows for increased ventilation, providing healthier living and working environments. Proper control of humidity reduces the potential of mold and sick building syndrome and can affect a variety of health issues including skin, respiratory and infectious conditions.

Commercial Building Owners & Operators

7AC offers building operators & owners the opportunity to dramatically lower energy costs but the benefits go beyond savings. Correctly maintaining humidity levels protects real estate investments and 7AC’s system offers drop-in replacement for existing systems, ideal for retrofits.

Industrial Users

7AC gives industrial users more precise control of humidity levels. Controlling humidity levels is critical for many industrial processes. Ranging from paint shops to testing labs, controlling humidity can have a big affect on product quality, testing results and process efficiencies.

Contractors & Engineers

7AC improves the efficiency of outside air handlers for the fast growing DOAS market. For certain climate zones the system can be “reversed” to serve both heating and cooling needs and reducing the need for additional equipment. The system is simple to install requiring minimal hookups and no condensate drainage.

OEMs and OEM Suppliers

7AC represents the first commercially viable deployment of liquid desiccant technology in a package the can be easily installed into OEM equipment. 7AC will be the premier solution for manufacturers as they address the Kigali HFC requirements.


The energy management benefits of 7AC will help to reduce peak load and reduce the need to build new generation. 7AC is also an excellent compliment to district energy and combined heat and power systems.