7AC's plate technology consists of a multi-layer sandwich of plastic materials. Hot or cold water is circulated in the core of the plate while the desiccant solution flows on the outside surfaces behind a micro-porous membrane. The membrane allows complete isolation of the desiccant from the air but also enables the use of turbulent airflows to promote efficiencies. The plate is is essentially a highly efficient three way (air, desiccant and water) heat and moisture exchanger. 

HVAC solutions constructed using our plates consist of an array of plates called the conditioner, responsible for treating the outside air, and a similar array called the regenerator for re-concentrating the desiccant. 7AC has specifically designed the plates to provide enough efficiency at lower temperatures to open waste opportunities. 

7AC has already achieved its goal of 65% of the theoretical maximum performance of our prototype plate design with additional improvements underway. First and second generation in-house designed units are currently being installed at strategic customer locations. 

Units designed around our technology can save significant energy costs compared to conventional HVAC equipment and payback periods ranging from 4 to 12 months.