About 7AC Technologies

7AC has developed a disruptive membrane-isolated plastic plate technology that enables the design of highly efficient liquid desiccant based HVAC solutions. Systems using this technology can drastically cut heating and cooling energy costs and radically improve de-humidification performance.


Close to half of US primary building energy is used to heat and cool buildings or about $280B per year in energy costs. Conventional HVAC solutions rely on vapor compression technology that is 100 years old and is hugely inefficient when dealing with humidity. The market for all HVAC equipment is $25B in the US and $100B globally.

Solutions that leverage our technology can be used for both existing and new construction and requires no infrastructure modifications nor specialized installation skills.

Latest News

3M Invests in 7AC's Technology

3M New Ventures identifies and invests in highly innovative companies and disruptive new technologies with strategic relevance for 3M.

7AC Wins Outstanding Venture Award at 2012 NREL Industry Growth Forum

The NREL's 25th Industry Growth Forum attracted nearly 400 investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and policymakers to Denver. The two-day forum highlighted clean energy industry technology and business developments.

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